Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Terrific Saturday

Today has been a fun day. My quilt class this morning was very interesting with lots of show-n-tell items brought in. The class is all about the 30's so the majority of the items people bring are from the 30's. Today we saw a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt, a Sun Bonnet Sue summer throw, and a vintage suitcase that in 1935 housed all of the belongings of a particular couple on their move to Colorado. It wasn't a very big suitcase, and I can't even fathom living like that. The class is very interesting to me as I love history, and with my sisters help I've learned an appreciation for antiques and vintage items.

After class, my family and I (my husband, my two sons and their fiancee's, my daughter and my extra son(too hard to explain)) went and saw District 9. I'm generally not an alien kinda gal, but it was a very good movie. I have to admit that at first I was thinking it was going to be a very long two hours. Fortunately, that only lasted for a short time before I was completely engaged with the story. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

Now, it's not even 5 o'clock and I have the whole rest of the evening to enjoy!

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